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Ancient Donald
Author: Author did not disclose their ID. (If anyone does know the author, please inform me, thank you.)
File Size: 105mb.
Ancient Donald[01]
Version Date: 13/1/26
Portrait: Looks like Devils Eye`s portrait was added(Sheer laziness?).
Ancient Donald[02]

Probably the cheapest Ronald McDonald edit so far, next to Killer_Donald, Dark Excellant Donald, The God Of Chuck Norris 3rd & l_reimu. Can kill almost all characters. But can also be killed by the ones I just mentioned above.

It always attacks before the battle even begans, it will start with a hyper attack right after the versus screen ends! It ALWAYS starts with the Black Hole attacked followed by Darkja.
Ancient Donald[03]
Ancient Donald[04]
Finishing Move! This hyper(Not sure what it`s called) ALWAYS KILLS any oponent instantly!
Ancient Donald[06]

Ancient Donald vs Killer_Donald
Ancient Donald[08]

Ancient Donald vs DEX-Donald(Excellent Donald)
Ancient Donald[05]

Ancient Donald vs tgocn3rd(The God Of Chuck Norris 3rd)
Ancient Donald[07]

Ancient Donald vs l-reimu [ver. 078] (12 3 ! {v} [_])
Ancient Donald[09]

Ancient Donald vs guanyin-ghost0.3
Ancient Donald[10]
Can kill all version of Guanyin.
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New Updates to Dark Orbit, 2 NEW!! Galaxy Gates and more!
Dark Orbit had few things updated un-announced, first the rings appearance changed, to six sided rings which is now at the side of rank not on the top anymore, which a lot of people complained about, then they changed the appearance of the drones, which do actually look better because of their size, but the color is rubbish, i`d rather have the old ones back. And they also introduced 2 new gates EPSILON and ZETA, if you finish these gates you get 2 rings and have a chance to win the HAVOC DRONE DESIGN and an LF4.
I like the idea of introducing new gates, because it means more exp and uridium for me, but the new drone design might be going a bit too far, pretty soon, they`ll introduce more designs and some will cost real money just like the Goliath designs others will be very expensive to get.

New Galaxy Gates - Epsilone and Zeta
New drone appearance and Rings
HAVOC Drone Design

And now for some other things that occured in Dark Orbit. Recently they started to introduce this 50% Off offer again, it is very rare so I thought might as well take the oppurtunity.
50% Off

And the clan wars going on in EIC have not subsided only gotten far warse, now atleast 3 or 4 more clans have joined the war, it really is getting ridiculous now, too much ego and pride, no one cares about who`s who anymore, it`s just getting sad. A lot of EICs wasting away rsb on other EICs when the enemy is right under their nose, not only that some even thank the enemy company for poping a fellow EIC, this has gone too far, this war is even worse then the great war that took place about 8 months ago with ISR and EIC. We really do not need another war, because it`s tearing EIC apart.
Loads of EIC

Almost forgot to add one more thing, MMO have gottten a lot more annoying recently and that`s mainly because EIC are always fighting each other instead of the enemy, so the MMO have taken advantage of this, and managed to get quite a few titles. here is one just one MMO who loves to follow Penner in his shadow.
Spring Fighter VRU 2 Title
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Some rare and very old/good EIC players, a few updates and some glitches!!
This was over a span of roughly 2 ~ 4 months. I spotted quite a few old and very good EIC players who rarely ever play nowadays, which is very lucky for me.


And this here is my best friend in Dark orbit, it was soo good seeing him again.
Jacket is Back

And here is someone who has a very very good rank and exp, atlough I don`t remember seeing him before, anyways just look at this guys clan rank!
Pu-c[»RèbOrñ-23«] clan

Now for a few updates that occured over the past 2 months in Dark Orbit.

This was a recent adition to Dark Orbit`s back page, a new banner which basically is rather bold and makes you believe that if you click it you will actually get the Goliath design in question for free. Once you click the banner it takes you to the Friends and Bonuses section in Pilot Bio. It`s just their way of getting you to invite more people to play this game.
Free Goliath Design

This was very recent, only happened last month or beginning of this month. It was a gift from the Bigpoint team to Dark Orbit players because it was voted the best browser game of Europe or something like that, I just wish they gave us more Booty keys, log disks and x4ammo would`ve been a lot better.
Gift From BG

This update was a bit surprising, I didn`t think they would do it, your P.E.T 10 can now reach upto lv15 now, which will obviously take a very long time, another good thing is that your P.E.T 10 can also cloak and is now faster when it follows you, also it looks awesome at lv15!
New P.E.T 10

This was also recently shown about 3 ~ 4 weeks ago, they finally removed the Pirate alien ships from 2-5 map, because they made new maps for the pirates 5-1, 5-2 & 5-3 which i`ve heard are a nigthmare to pass through since they are packed with mines and loads of alien pirates. I still have to visit these maps but the biggest problem is that people from all 3 companies visit these maps so it`s only suicide to go in there alone.
Death To Pirates! News

This came up just 2 or 3 days ago, mainly because so many people have had their account hacked, it`s a good thing I changed my PW a month or 2 ago.
Safety First

And now a few glitches due to lag or just the Dark Orbit team being too lazy.
This happens due to lag if i`m not mistaken, very funny to watch :D Who would`ve thought that space ships could drift?
Dark Orbit Drifting

This happened last month for about a day, all aliens where whizzed or something really funny, a lot of people got scared from moving off port to pop aliens. No idea why this happened but was really fun.
Whizzed Aliens
Whized Aliens 2

This was the funniest and the best glitch ever, stayed only for a small amount of time, I was made an admin out of the blue, and the wierdest thing is I don`t need a rank if i`m an admin, really cool.
Admin status
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H-Reimu Ver1.68 results
H-Reimu got really really cheap, she can a whole lot of Orochi edits and other characters in just a few seconds, very impressive. Lunatic sure has worked well on this one, if anyone`s interested in downloading the character, here`s the link to the author`s website where you can get her. She has defeated some of the most notorious and infamous mugen characters like DESU/SHOOP/S-Tomy and more!

And a few images to show her prowess :p
本気 VS S-tomy
本気 VS 旧天空神
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NEW!! Orochi edits to find!
So I was just going through some profiles on Baidu yesterday and I came across some really interesting and nice looking Orochi edits, which I REALLY WANT! So if anyone has any of these Orochi edits, please do send them to me, I am willing to trade!!!

Seriously what a bold name for an Orochi edit right? But anyways this edit reminds me of Phantom Mizuchi or something close to that.

Azure Glod God01
Azure Glod God02
Azure Glod God
We all know what this was edited from, Azure God ofcourse. But seriously what a weird name, why Glod? Makes no sense, but I guess it`s the author`s choice, I wonder why he named it Glod?

Now this is a must have!!! This reminds me of LGMO. So this is a very important one for me and the name is interesting too!! This edit has some very nice hypers must see!

NAO V2.0
This is another MUST HAVE character! I REALLY WANT THIS EDIT! He is simply amazing!


Also does anyone know what screenpack is this?
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